The Complete solution for Pickup and Delivery

Simplicity meets power. Buunto empowers you to conquer your schedule and supercharge your growth effortlessly. Unlock all our premium features from day one, including our free plan – no strings attached!

Focus on design and user experience

Customizable Design

Tailor the look and feel of your date picker to match your brand and place it precisely where it suits your store.

Pickup Locations

Offer convenience with multiple pickup locations, letting customers choose where they collect their orders.


Expand your reach globally with multilanguage support, delivering a seamless shopping experience in any language.

Master your schedule

Order limits

Set order limits effortlessly, ensuring smooth operations while maintaining control over demand and capacity.

Cut off and prep time

Efficiently manage order cut-off times and preparation intervals to meet customer expectations every time.

Holidays and blockout

Plan ahead with the ability to set holidays and block out specific days, ensuring your store operates seamlessly year-round.

Unlock growth with Buunto

Powerful integrations

Seamlessly integrate with your favorite tools and services to supercharge your store's capabilities.

Delivery surcharges

Easily apply delivery surcharges, ensuring fair pricing and profitability for each order.

Developer API

Unlock the full potential of our app with Developer API access, empowering you to create custom solutions tailored to your needs.

Want to know more?

Book a call with us to learn more about Buunto Date and Time Slot and how to make the most of it.

Here’s what our customers are saying

Stallarna Outlet


“This app saved our company a lot of work and headache. Love the support. Totally amazing.“

Butcher's Table


“The best app I've ever installed! Have been trying out numerous fulfilment apps over the years, but none a them really worked“

Naughty Monger


“Wonderful app if you're looking for a seamless and easy experience“